What is Danú?

At Danú we’re creating hydrations bags that are the sleek and elegant choice designed with travellers, adventure-seekers and city-dwellers in mind. Our fashionable backpack makes sure you have convenient and easy access to that life-saving H2O no matter what the day may bring. With the internal reservoir and easy to access straw, the Danú Bag places life-improving hydration right at your fingertips.

What does Danú mean?

Wondering about the name? It was the perfect match. Danú means river, and, in Irish mythology, Danu is is the earth-mother goddess. This is Danú Bags in a nutshell: water the eco-friendly way, with style fit for a god(dess).

Does Danú give back?

Water is a basic human right, and for each bag we sell a percentage of our profits goes directly to organizations working to provide clean water to people around the world.  

Can I wear the bag without the reservoir? 

Absolutely, the reservoir is easy to take in and out of the bag and straw is easily fed through the shoulder so that the whole system can easily be removed and put back in place.

Can I put other liquids in the reservoir? 

We recommend using your reservoir exclusively for that lifesaving H2O.

How do I fill the reservoir?

To fill the reservoir, simply place the nozzle under a faucet and fill up to the 2L mark (or less). You can fill the reservoir either outside the bag and then place it within, or while hanging the reservoir by the convenient velcro hooks within the bag, which makes for easy filling while you’re on the go. 

Do I need to clean my reservoir before the first use?

We recommend cleaning your reservoir before your first use. To clean:

  • Fill your reservoir half-way with soap and water
  • Shake the soapy mix around the bag 
  • Pinch the bite valve over the sink to pull some of the soapy mix through the straw (pro-tip: hold the reservoir by the top of the bag and the bite valve below the reservoir)
  • After washing, rinse well (and don’t forget the straw)
  • Now your reservoir is ready to keep you hydrated!

What is your return policy? 

We accept returns of unused products within 30 days of your order. 

How do I start a return?

To start a return or exchange, email hydraton@danubags.com with your order number, email address associated with the order and reason for the return. For US returns, we will provide you with a return shipping label,  subject to a $10 shipping fee that is deducted from your refund. We are unable to offer international shipping labels for return at this time. 

What countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide, with the following standard shipping rates:

  • US 
  • Canada
  • EU
  • Australia
  • Central & South America
  • Asia

International shipping does not include duties or taxes. Customers are responsible for any customs fees, duties, or taxes that may apply upon delivery.