Danú means river, and, in Irish mythology, Danú is the earth-mother goddess.
This is Danú Bags in a nutshell: water the eco-friendly way, with style fit for a god(dess).

Whether checking out a far away place or meeting friends at the park, it’s difficult to stay hydrated on the go. Being health nuts, we know how important hydration is to feeling your best all day long. The choice was either a heavy water bottle clunking around our bags or buying a single-use plastic bottle. We ventured out to create a bag that would make it simple and comfortable to carry water, and easy to take a sip without breaking a stride. 

You're probably familiar with other hydration bags. They have been around for a while - in bright neon colors, in funny-shaped backpacks made to resist heavy duty activity - great for trekking up a mountain; perhaps less so when you are strolling down a trendy boulevard, enjoying the sights and smells of a brand new city. 

Designed with travelers, adventure-seekers and city-dwellers in mind, the Danú Bag marries the function of your typical hydration bag, with the style you want in a bag for everyday use.  The black microfiber exterior is high quality and sleek, while the interior has a place for all the things you need on a typical day, including a safe place for your water.

Last but not least, water is a basic human right, and for each bag we sell a percentage of our profits goes directly to organizations working to provide clean water to people around the world.


Sleek, reusable, good for the planet - that’s Danú.